Through's privacy-preserving platform, the bank’s predictive algorithms were trained with a combination of Telefonica's and the banks data (demographic, socioeconomic, product use and financial) without sharing it. Federated Learning platform allows to train AI models without sharing any data and therefore ensuring compliance with regulation, ESG standards as well as data privacy.

The pilot resulted in impressive improvements in the accuracy of the defaulter's prediction algorithm with potential to have a multi-million impact yearly in each bank financial results.


Improvement in the defaulter's predictive algorithm accuracy


Potential yearly financial impact in some of Spain's largests banks


Telefónica's mission is to “make the world more human by connecting lives“ and its Responsible Business Principles, which reflect not only its code of ethics but also its policy of responsibility towards its stakeholders and society in general.

The main lines of our future strategy are based on three pillars:

  • Generate a positive impact on progress, favoring economic and social development based on digitalization.
  • Building a greener future through the development of ecological sustainability initiatives.
  • Leading by example and generating trust in all our activities.
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