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Improve acquisition campaigns conversion rate, reduce cost of purchase, improve ARPU of your customer base and reduce CHURN.


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Lead qualification

  • Increase sales by providing your sales channel with product recommendations, buying trends and best value propositions, according to the potential customer's profile.
  • Increase Life Time Value, segment and profile your customers by analyzing internal data and using third party data to improve cross-selling and upselling.

Risk management

  • Improve risk identification in new customers to mitigate future fraud.
  • Generate models that allow you to identify fraud in your clients' claims.

Loss of client prediction

  • Identify customers with the highest propensity to churn in order to carry out retention actions.
  • Provides accurate information to the retention team, so that they can offer the customer the best proposal, increasing loyalty and avoiding churn

Pricing optimization

  • Adjust your pricing by analyzing historical prices and enriching them with external data sources.
  • Improve the ARPU of your customer base by analyzing consumption habits and incorporating third-party information while respecting the privacy of users.

Disease diagnosis

  • Improve disease diagnosis prediction with the application of artificial intelligence and thanks to information from multiple hospitals and countries. Complying with regulations in all jurisdictions.

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Tell us your case’s PRIVACY-PRESERVING Artificial Intelligence
Against COVID-19

The critical problem that all countries face is tackling the peak of infections and avoiding the saturation of Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In order to have the necessary resources prepared at all times, has helped the Basque Department of Health to develop a platform that predicts the future needs of ICUs and adapts to different scenarios.

The platform has had a huge impact and success, allowing to predict with high accuracy:

  • Health Services’ needs, with a 7-day forecast of ICUs’ needs, along with a confidence interval
  • Where new outbreaks will occur
  • Patterns and trends in the spread of the virus and infection rates by area

This tool is also able to recognize patterns and trends in the virus, as well as identify data that is vitally important to health services, like trends in infection rates and future outbreaks, among other functionalities. The platform uses Machine Learning algorithms, along with others, in order to make predictions.
prediction of the impact of covid19 on the bac and osakidetza health centers with the help of


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Data privacy is a fundamental ethical value at

Our platform complies with all current regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and is in line with the European Commission regulatory framework proposal on Artificial Intelligence.

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Information security is a top priority at

We believe that security must comply with quality standards and with all regulations in this regard. For this reason, we are certified in the ISO-27.001 data security standard and our platform has won the CogX 2021 awards for its Outstanding Contribution to Technology Regulation and has been a finalist as Best Solution for Privacy and Data Protection.


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