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We leverage our state-of-the-art Federated Learning Platform to make people’s lives better. The solutions will materially impact your Company’s P&L, safe lives or improve your business results while preserving your customers’ privacy, complying with ESG standards and all applicable regulation.

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SCENARIOS unlocks the potential of AI models while preserving privacy in a collaborative environment. Our platform changes the rules for organizations’ collaboration while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulation and ESG standards.

AI can massively impact business results and processes, redefining how decisions are made and revolutionasing industries.

The potential of AI relies on data and the people who generate and own it. Therefore, privacy and security must be at the core of every AI solution.

At we have developed the privacy-enhancing Federated Learning platform that will have a massive impact on business results while preserving privacy and ensuring compliance with current and future regulation and ESG standards.

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logo of indra has created a unique platform that enables business, healthcare and other diverse users to realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence while maintaining user privacy. Preserving user privacy is not just an important moral and ethical imperative, it is a business necessity and will increasingly be required by governments around the world. provides this essential capability

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Doug Solomon

Former Chief Strategy officer at Apple

Sherpa is leading the way how artificial intelligence solutions will be built, preserving user privacy in all its forms

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Tom Gruber

Founder and CTO at SIRI is delivering the full potential of Artificial Intelligence by delivering a platform that ensures privacy, embraces the highest ethics, and exceeds current and expected governmental regulations

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Chris Shipley

Technology and strategy analyst, recognized as the most influential woman in Silicon Valley

Our mission is to make people lives better leveraging privacy-preserving AI as a fundamental ethical value.

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Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria

Founder & CEO at
MIT Technology Review TR35


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Federated Learning allows AI models to learn from data owned by different parties and share only the intelligence obtained by the models while preserving privacy as all data remains on the site. The data never leaves the data owner's server, but it contributes to training and improving the accuracy of the global AI model.

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Federated Learning incorporating additional Privacy-enhancing Technologies (PETs) like Differential Privacy, Secure Multi-party Computation or Homomorphic Encryption has ground-breaking possibilities for heavily regulated sectors like Financial Services or Healthcare where the data is sensitive as it allows collaboration without sharing data.


Statistical technique to ensure no malicious agent can trace any data back to the original individual record.

At we are able to achive this by injecting noise with Laplacian, Gaussian or Exponential mechanisms. This makes personal information untraceable and guarantees no individual’s data can be 'reverse-engineered' while maintaining the usefulness and accuracy of prediction algorithm.

SECURE MULTI PARTY COMPUTATION has developed a cryptographic protocol that distributes the computation of data from different sources to ensure that no one can view other’s data, without the need to trust a third party.

By doing this, it is ensured that your business’s sensitive data is secured, without undercutting your ability to extract all the necessary information needed from this data.


Homomorphic encryption allows users to run computations on encrypted data without decrypting it. The resulting computations are also left encrypted and, when decrypted, the output is identical to the computation if it hadn't been ran on encrypted data. This implies that data processing can be outsourced to a third part without needing to ensure that the third party secures the data correctly. Furthermore, without the decryption key, the original data can't be accessed.


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Federated Learning goes beyond the principles of data ethics as it allows to extract all the benefits of data, preserving privacy as data is not shared. Most companies today understand the importance of ensuring that the technology they employ is trustworthy (i.e. that it addresses foundational security, privacy and regulatory concerns). While critical ethical thinking about technology may be a new skill set for some, almost everyone agrees that issues such as data privacy and algorithmic bias can pose significant reputational and financial risks if unaddressed. As outlined by the World Economic Forum’s recent report, Integrated Corporate Governance, data stewardship priorities may include “cybersecurity, the use and governance of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and privacy and data ownership issues associated with data collection, management and use.”

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REDUCTION OF CARBON FOOTPRINT Federated Learning platform decentralizes data processing which reduces power consumption and helps to ”reduce” carbon footprint.

OTHER BENEFITS Federated Learning platform addresses other vital infrastructure challenges, such as Bandwith Limitation in situations of unreliable connectivity (i.e. offshore facilities, remote locations) as well as Excess Latency or Network Congestions.

Compliance platforms ensures compliance with all applicable regulation.

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Data privacy is a fundamental ethical value at

Our platform complies with all current regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and is in line with the European Commission regulatory framework proposal on Artificial Intelligence.

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Information security is a top priority at

We believe that security must comply with quality standards and with all regulations in this regard. For this reason, we are certified in the ISO-27.001 data security standard and our platform has won the CogX 2021 awards for its Outstanding Contribution to Technology Regulation and has been a finalist as Best Solution for Privacy and Data Protection.


Be a first mover in AI privacy-enhancing tech.

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