Prosegur wanted to identify who is not wearing face masks on various premises. They have thousands of cameras, that can be trained with an AI model to detect whether people are wearing masks or not, blocking access to those that are not.

The company wanted to develop an AI model capable of predicting when people accessing buildings recorded by cameras were not wearing face masks while complying with privacy regulations.

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The solution and its AI Privacy preserving platform allowed to train the AI model, using the data sets of all cameras, without sharing any protected data or image.


Increase in model’s accuracy while ensuring privacy preservation


Prosegur is a security company with a track record of more than 40 years at the forefront of innovation.

It works to make the world a safer place, guaranteeing the security of people, companies and society as a whole. It provides its customers with the most advanced solutions on the market, with a high technological component and designed to add value to the service.

Present in 26 countries, adapting the best global practices to the singularities of each market, in a highly regulated sector that varies according to the legislation of each country.

Innovation, human resources and absolute customer orientation make the difference.

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Maximize the value of data and AI with’s Privacy-Enhancing solutions

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