Unlock AI/ML collaborative models between organizations without compromising privacy as data is not shared.

Open ways of collaboration for complementary organizations but also for competitive organizations as data is not shared. This creates unimagined scenarios and has the potential to massively impact financially or operationally.

Ground-breaking collaboration scenarios between public and private organizations.

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The traditional way of training ML/AI models is no longer valid.

Organizations must now adapt to the new standards of privacy and regulations; and will have to adopt new Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to be compliant.

Regulatory compliance diminishes execution risk, accelerates time to market, and reduces investment needs as deployment doesn’t require additional infrastructure.


Digital Ethics: Federated Learning goes beyond the principles of data ethics as it allows to extract all the benefits of data, preserving privacy as data is not shared.

Reduction of carbon footprint: Federated Learning decentralizes data processing which reduces carbon footprint.


Federated Learning addresses other challenges like Bandwidth Limitation, in situations of unreliable connectivity (i.e. offshore facilities, remote locations) as well as Excess Latency or Network Congestions.

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We are currently testing our platform with top-tier global organizations with outstanding results that we will be able to showcase very soon.

Stay tuned’s PRIVACY-PRESERVING Artificial Intelligence
Against COVID-19

The critical problem that all countries face is tackling the peak of infections and avoiding the saturation of Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In order to have the necessary resources prepared at all times, has helped the Basque Department of Health to develop a platform that predicts the future needs of ICUs and adapts to different scenarios.

The platform has had a huge impact and success, allowing to predict with high accuracy:

  • Health Services’ needs, with a 7-day forecast of ICUs’ needs, along with a confidence interval
  • Where new outbreaks will occur
  • Patterns and trends in the spread of the virus and infection rates by area

This tool is also able to recognize patterns and trends in the virus, as well as identify data that is vitally important to health services, like trends in infection rates and future outbreaks, among other functionalities. The platform uses Machine Learning algorithms, along with others, in order to make predictions.
prediction of the impact of covid19 on the bac and osakidetza health centers with the help of

Compliance platforms ensures compliance with all applicable regulation.

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Para la privacidad de datos es un valor ético fundamental.

Por este motivo nuestra plataforma cumple con todas las regulaciones actuales en Protección de Datos (RGPD) y está en línea con el borrador de la nueva normativa sobre la regulación de la Inteligencia Artificial de la Unión Europea.

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La seguridad de la información es una prioridad absoluta en

Creemos que la seguridad debe cumplir con los estándares de calidad, así como con toda la normativa al respecto. Por ello, estamos certificados en el estándar de seguridad de datos ISO-27.001 y nuestra plataforma ha sido galardonada con los premios CogX2021 por su Contribución Sobresaliente para la Regulación Tecnológica y finalista como Mejor Solución para Privacidad y Protección de Datos.


Be a first mover in AI privacy-enhancing tech.

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