Add innovative AI capabilities to your business and improve performance with services powered by provides leading, scalable, versatile Artificial Intelligence solutions to ensure the success of your business, through a set of applications and toolkits that can easily be deployed across any framework or use case, taking into account user privacy and data security.



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Platforms & Solutions provides leading, scalable, versatile AI solutions to ensure the success of your algorithms, through a set of APIs and SDKs that let developers access state-of-the-art AI and easily build AI-powered applications.

Conversational AI Conversational AI is a service for creating speech and text dialogue interfaces. Start asking questions and quickly get answers from a wide range of domains, such as sports, stock market, restaurants, and events.

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Recommendation and Predictive AI provides general purpose solutions for anticipating user preferences and tailoring recommendations. Include personalized, ad hoc recommendations made by AI models in your products and services.

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Privacy AI

The Federated Learning and Differential Privacy Framework is a secure computing framework that provides a solution for collaboration, while protecting data privacy. Implement modular, agnostic Machine Learning that supports real-life business improvements.

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Use Cases

Create an Intelligent, Conversational Household Sidekick

By using Conversational AI, an appliance manufacturer with a wide array of products can add value to their business by innovatively facilitating users' day-to-day tasks.

Develop Mobile-Connected Smart Speakers

Allow your users to interact with a smart speaker that connects to their mobile device, so they can ask all kinds of questions and perform a variety of tasks and actions. Simply by speaking naturally, users can receive verbal and visual feedback from prebuilt or private domains.

Integrate a Smart Voice Assistant Into Vehicles

Automakers can easily integrate’s systems to make their vehicles intelligent, converting the conventional car into an intelligent, modern-day “KITT.”

Anticipate Destinations with Personalized Next Place Predictions

Automotive brands with entertainment systems installed in their vehicles can add value to their business, by creating personalized, predictive, in-car suggestions for their users. If a user tends to travel to certain destinations at specific times, the in-car entertainment system can use that knowledge to predict the destination and directions.

Enhance Entertainment with Custom Content TV & Movie Recommendations

By using Recommendation and Predictive AI, a television service provider that offers cross-device viewing options can add value to their business through the creation of personalized recommendations for their users.

Use Prebuilt News Recommendations to Keep Users Up-To-Date

By using Recommendation and Predictive AI, a personal computing device company with users across multiple devices and platforms can add value to their business through the creation of personalized news recommendations.

Improve Diagnostics and Care Using Secure and Private Patient Data

Sensitive data from the healthcare industry is subject to strict data protection regulations. In order to learn from healthcare information and share patient data securely, Federated Learning can be employed so that medical institutions can ensure data privacy, while providing patients with the most advanced processes, diagnostic tools, and care possible.

Keep Funds Secure Without Sharing Customer Data

Banks and financial institutions can use Federated Learning to identify money laundering transactions by using private transaction data to build more capable models. All banks using the same system benefit from each other’s transaction data, without exposing their own raw data or customers' data to competitors.

Advance Research Using a Private Framework

Universities and research institutions can use Federated Learning to anonymously combine their efforts, advance their research, and amplify their findings, while ensuring their data remains private, thanks to a Federated Framework.

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What if information came to us instead of having to look for it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find, amidst the enormity of the Internet, information that has been selected based on our interests and delivered to us in a visual format? That is Sherpa.

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Sherpa News searches thousands of sources, in order to offer news that is tailored to you. The more you use it, the more it learns about your tastes and preferences; and thanks to its strong Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, it shows you the content that is best suited to you.

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