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We leverage our state-of-the-art Federated Learning Platform to make people’s lives better. The solutions will materially impact your Company’s P&L, safe lives or improve your business results while preserving your customers’ privacy, complying with ESG standards and all applicable regulation.

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Artificial intelligence to drive your business

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to impact business results, changing the way decisions are made, managed and operated, to the point of revolutionizing industries or even completely changing them.

This great power implies greater responsibility; artificial intelligence is linked to data and data to the people who generate it. Privacy and security are a legal and ethical duty for people and businesses.

At we have developed a platform and a methodology that will boost the results of companies, focusing in Time To Value and complying with all applicable regulations, ESG and information security.

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logo of indra has created a unique platform that enables business, healthcare and other diverse users to realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence while maintaining user privacy. Preserving user privacy is not just an important moral and ethical imperative, it is a business necessity and will increasingly be required by governments around the world. provides this essential capability

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Doug Solomon

Former Chief Strategy officer at Apple

Sherpa is leading the way how artificial intelligence solutions will be built, preserving user privacy in all its forms

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Tom Gruber

Founder and CTO at SIRI is delivering the full potential of Artificial Intelligence by delivering a platform that ensures privacy, embraces the highest ethics, and exceeds current and expected governmental regulations

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Chris Shipley

Technology and strategy analyst, recognized as the most influential woman in Silicon Valley

Our mission is to make people lives better leveraging privacy-preserving AI as a fundamental ethical value.

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Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria

Founder & CEO at
MIT Technology Review TR35


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Federated Learning

Federated Learning is a Machine Learning paradigm aimed at learning models from decentralized data, such as data located on users’ smartphones, hospitals, or banks, and ensuring data privacy. This is achieved by training models locally at each node (e.g. at each hospital, at each bank or at each smartphone), sharing the model-updated local parameters (without sharing user data) and securely aggregating them to build a better global model. Federated Learning can be combined with Differential Privacy to ensure a higher degree of privacy.

Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy is the statistical technique to ensure that no malicious agent can be able to trace back any individual information back to the data source. At we are able to achive this by injecting noise with Laplacian, Gaussian or Exponential mechanisms. This makes personal information untraceable and guarantee no individual’s data can be 'reverse-engineered' while maintaining the usefulness and relevance of prediction algorithm.

Secure Multi-Party Computation

Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) is a cryptographic protocol that distributes the computation of data from different sources to ensure that no one can see the information of the others, without even the need to trust a third-party.


Use cases

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Disease diagnosis

  • Improve disease diagnosis prediction with the application of artificial intelligence and thanks to information from multiple hospitals and countries. Complying with regulations in all jurisdictions.

Claims and fraud detection

  • Improve risk identification in new customers to mitigate future fraud.
  • Generate models that allow you to identify fraud in your clients' claims.

Product pricing and optimization

  • Adjust your pricing by analyzing historical quotes, enriching them with external data sources.
  • Have dynamic prices not limited to high and low segments.
  • Have personalized insurance premiums based on the habits and patterns of your clients.

Lead qualification

  • Increase sales by providing your commercial channel with product recommendations, propensity to buy and greater value delivered, according to the profile of the potential customer.
  • Increase the Life Time Value, segment and profile your customers by analyzing internal and third-party data to improve cross-sell and upsell.

Channel management

  • Optimizes the location of ATM points based on mobility and location information from third parties.
  • Identify users behavior to identify does with a greater propensity to purchase to optimize the actions to be carried out by each channel.

Fraud and debt analysis

  • Use advanced analysis algorithms that, detect credict card fraud, respecting privacy..
  • Have early warning predictive systems to reduce defauilting.

Disease diagnosis

  • Improves the detection of diseases with the application of artificial intelligence in the analysis of medical images while respecting privacy.

Rare disease study

  • Improve the study of rare diseases with information from multiple hospitals and countries, complying with the regulations in all jurisdictions.

Medicine customization

  • Analyze the best dose and pattern of taking medication for each patient, in order to obtain better medical results or accelerate approval in clinical phases.

Lead qualification

  • Increase sales by providing your commercial channel with product recommendations, propensity to buy and greater value delivered, according to the profile of the potential customer.
  • Increase the Life Time Value, segment and profile your customers by analyzing internal and third-party data to improve cross-sell and upsell.

Churn reduction

  • Identify customers most likely to churn to take retention actions.
  • Provides the retention team with accurate information and the best proposal to offer to build customer loyalty and avoid termination.

Product pricing and optimization

  • Adjust your pricing by analyzing the prices of historical quotes, enriching them with external data sources.
  • Improve the ARPU of your customer base by analyzing consumption habits and incorporating third-party information while respecting the privacy of users.
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B Intelligence Awards

Winner 2022 · Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

Digital Talent

Winner 2022 · Digital Leader to Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria

Red Herring Europe

Winner 2022

CogX Winner 2021

Outstanding Contribution to Tech Regulation


Best in AI-As-A-Service Privacy-Preserving Platform

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One of the leading Artificial Intelligence companies globally.


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Data privacy is a fundamental ethical value at

Our platform complies with all current regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) and is in line with the European Commission regulatory framework proposal on Artificial Intelligence.

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Information security is a top priority at

We believe that security must comply with quality standards and with all regulations in this regard. For this reason, we are certified in the ISO-27.001 data security standard and our platform has won the CogX 2021 awards for its Outstanding Contribution to Technology Regulation and has been a finalist as Best Solution for Privacy and Data Protection.


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